Thursday, March 3, 2011

a little {peek}...

into our lives 

If you have been around for awhile,
you might know
that I have a daughter in college,
a daughter in preschool,
and three boys sandwiched in between.

We've got a bit of everything going on most all of the time.
Especially this time of year.

varsity basketball
swim meets
dance competitions
...more basketball
science fair projects
(already counting days to summer...)
did I say basketball?
and dance competitions?
oh, and five-days-a-week swim practices?

That pretty much sums things up around here right now...
And, of course, throw in one super cute, itty bitty, five-year-old cheerleader.
For all of 'em.

Not kidding,
that little one of mine can cheer and shout louder than most.

She's bossy, I tell ya.
Yelling to the boys.
Telling 'em what's what on the court.
And doing the cha cha right along with the best of 'em.
Makes me wonder what she'll {love} someday?

For now,
she content eating nachos and hot dogs on the sidelines.

Just so ya know.
We cheer for the blond.
Wearing the {lighter} pink dress.
Who starts the waltz in the far corner.
Whose partner wears number 412.
To be exact.

Just so ya know :)