Tuesday, July 27, 2010


You are the winner!

She said :

I love both! So cute! I really like the first one. 
I think I would put "love" on it. It covers everything! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

just {in case}

you have forgotten...
my giveaway
ends tonight.

A winner will be announced tomorrow.
Just leave a comment on the post below.
It's as easy as that ;)

p.s.  the fisherman have returned home...pictures coming.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

{just} because...

the littlest one in the house
has slept in her own room
(you're not gonna believe it)
in her own bed...

(you might need to sit down for this one...)
three nights running.

It's an honest to goodness miracle, people.
We haven't wanted to rush her.
And since it's almost been two years since she joined our family,
we thought just maybe it was time ;)

{just} because we are celebrating around here
let's have a giveaway!

Leave me a comment and tell me which is your favorite.
I {heart} both.
I especially love. love. love. my new jade charms!
Even better with a freshwater pearl.

How 'bout this one?
Pick a word.
Any word.
But one you love, for sure.
Up to 5 characters or so.
And pair it with an open sterling silver heart charm.

I like "china"...
cute with a jade and pearl charm.

Perfect for someone whose heart in is China.
Waiting to bring a special someone home.

I'll randomly select a winner from the comments
on Monday night.
Check back here on Tuesday to see if you've won!

happy summer day!

p.s. watch for both designs to be added to my store soon...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

wildflower {wednesday}~a thursday edition

wildflower {wednesday}...
on thursday?

sneaky, eh?

I really don't know who I was kidding
when I dreamed of lazy summer days

because it's been anything and everything
but lazy
or even

but the sun is shining
and it's


I still love it
even with all its craziness

to thank all of you
for sharing
wheat and {wildflowers}
with your friends

I'm offering free shipping
on any order placed today
before midnight

just use the coupon code
during checkout
and your purchase will be credited
(the cost of shipping)

thank you for your orders...
it's one reason
this summer has been crazy busy

and wonderful...