Thursday, July 22, 2010

{just} because...

the littlest one in the house
has slept in her own room
(you're not gonna believe it)
in her own bed...

(you might need to sit down for this one...)
three nights running.

It's an honest to goodness miracle, people.
We haven't wanted to rush her.
And since it's almost been two years since she joined our family,
we thought just maybe it was time ;)

{just} because we are celebrating around here
let's have a giveaway!

Leave me a comment and tell me which is your favorite.
I {heart} both.
I especially love. love. love. my new jade charms!
Even better with a freshwater pearl.

How 'bout this one?
Pick a word.
Any word.
But one you love, for sure.
Up to 5 characters or so.
And pair it with an open sterling silver heart charm.

I like "china"...
cute with a jade and pearl charm.

Perfect for someone whose heart in is China.
Waiting to bring a special someone home.

I'll randomly select a winner from the comments
on Monday night.
Check back here on Tuesday to see if you've won!

happy summer day!

p.s. watch for both designs to be added to my store soon...


  1. Yea for Miss Sophie!! What a big girl! ;)

    Jade charms - what a splendid idea!

  2. I like the five letter word...if I did it I would put: dream!!!!

  3. They are both so cute. I really like the mommy heart!

  4. Forgot to add way to go little one and way to go mommy. We had night number one with no children in the bed. Have to get everyone in their own beds before little sis Sophia gets home. Three in the bed would just be too much. Wish us luck!!!!

  5. I really like both of them but I think the 2nd one is my favorite!

  6. What a big girl, your little Sophia is beautiful!

    Love both necklace, but would have to go with the Jade necklace.

  7. Love both, so hard to decide which I like best. Maybe #1 with "love"...

  8. Hi Kim! I love the new jade!
    Congrats on the new big girl bed success too!
    Blessings, Cindy

  9. I like the Mommy one. Thats my favorite name!

  10. Oh my goodness Kim!
    I think these are my favorite necklaces so far! Love them both!!!
    Good job Sophie! (and with such a cute bed, it's surprising she doesn't want to stay there all day too ;)

  11. So proud of Sophie! And so happy for you! My favorite word is grace. . I need more of it.

  12. Sophie is adorable! And so are those necklaces...I would have to pick Faith-because you've just gotta have it!:-)

  13. I love both! So cute! I really like the first one. I think I would put "love" on it. It covers everything! :)

  14. Way to go! I like the 4 letter word would be my newborn's first name. :)

    justwemoms at gmail dot com

  15. I love the second one! Just beautiful.

    Congrats to Sophie! I remember sitting in our daughters room for nap and bedtime until she went to sleep for a year!! My husband and I have never read more in our lives!!

  16. I love the first one! I think that I'd choose "faith." Though I love "hope." too. I also like "grace." Hmm.....I tell my children that I am the "queen." Decisions. Decisions. Congrats on being home two years. We've been home with our China doll a little over two years, too.