Friday, August 6, 2010

{etsy} it up

Wheat and {Wildflowers} is being featured this week
on a site that is brand new to me
and oh, so much fun!

If you love yourself a giveaway
or LOTS of giveaways,
for that matter,
you seriously do. not. want. to. miss. out.

Beautiful stuff.
Not kiddin'.

Check it out here.
And be sure to leave a comment to two while you're there ;)

Happy Friday!


  1. I entered as many times that were possible! I hope i win! :)

  2. I'm still drooling over all of your beautiful creations and absolutely adore that your heart too is for the orphan! If I win I'll be using the gift certificate to raffle off and give someone else a chance as we are getting closer and closer to bringing our two boys home! PS Thanks for telling us about that etsy blog via Facebook! Such cuteness going on over there!