Thursday, August 26, 2010

{first day} for a few

What is it about the first day of school
that makes everyone feel so {proud}?

After a very long day yesterday,
we managed to get our college girl
all settled in her dorm room.
Her roommate has been her best friend since third grade.
They couldn't be more different...
but somehow understand each other beautifully.
Never had an argument in all that time ;)
We just love her!

Moving from home with a friend somehow makes it easier...
I think ;)

And for the record,
this girl has never been more organized.
I've got the proof.
And maybe will surprise her with a room check ;)

First day of high school!
Another big day around here.
Really, how much can one heart take :)

Can't you see it...
in that "trying-not-to-smile" smile?
First day since fourth grade not wearing a {button down}shirt, tie and sweater vest.
When you're 15, that's something to smile about...
shhh...don't tell the other boys ;)

And please excuse the pictures,
it was practically dark outside.
Who leaves for school before seven in the morning?

And this baby...
I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Three down,
two on Monday!


  1. You're's almost too much for a Mom to take!

  2. Sophie is seriously the cutest little thing alive!

  3. How are you, Kim?!

    How wonderful that Jess gets to room with her BF ... and never had a fight? teenage girls? ... Amazing!!

  4. Your children are all so beautiful! Sophie is just such a little dear! :)

    (Did you get my email in response to winning the necklace? I'm NOT trying to be pushy,I just want to be sure I sent my address to your correct email!)