Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wildflower {wednesday} winner

The winner of this week's wildflower {wednesday} is...


She wrote:

"I teach first grade, so my favorite school story is actually about a lesson I taught. I was teaching a lesson on time and clocks and I asked my kids, "Does anyone know what a 'quarter past' means?" One little boy raised his hand, oooing and ahhing, waving it through the air. "Do you know?" I asked him. "Yes ma'am!" he replied while jumping to his feet. Pretending like he had a football throwing it down the field he nearly screamed, "IT'S WHEN THE QUARTER BACK GETS THE BALL, RUNS BACKWARDS, AND THEN THROWS IT LIKE THIS!!!" All I could say, was "yes, baby. You're exactly right! But did you know a clock also has a 'quarter past?' HILARIOUS!! "

Congratulations Brooke!
(I think it's so fun that a teacher won!)

Whoo! Hoot!

Send me an email with your address
and I'll get the goods in the mail.

Also, don't forget to tell me which necklace you'd like.
Although, I think I already know ;)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Kim!! I'm SO excited. Thank you so much for your talent, generosity, and the weekly excitement I get from entering 'Wildflower Wednesday.' I can't wait to wear my new necklace and show all my teacher friends!! :) PS- I LOVE my 'orphan's wish' necklace and wear it nearly everyday!