Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wildflower {wednesday}

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."
~e.e. cummings~

Anyone know a soon-to-be graduate?

I do.

I know it sounds cliche'.
But honestly,
I'm quite certain
it was just yesterday
I walked her to kindergarten.

And choked back a tear or two
as I dug in my heels
and literally pulled her through those kindergarten doors.

We did that
every day.

For six months.

Luckily, for me,
I don't have to do that anymore.
At least not every day.

just kidding :)

She graduates soon.
Two weeks from today
to be exact.

With near perfect grades.

And and hard as I try,
I know I'll be biting my lip
and choking back a few tears then too.

This girl has plans.
And goals.
And dreams.

She knows where she's headed.

I'm proud of her,
her courage,
and the person she's becoming.

So this wildflower {wednesday} celebrates graduates
and all of that!

Don't know a grad, you say?

Well, a teacher you most certainly do...

...a teacher deserving of a big 'ol thank you!

So this week,
take your choice.

personalized with the graduate's school colors


a perfect end-of-the-year teacher gift

So, today.
To be entered in my wildflower {wednesday} giveaway.

Leave me a comment.

Tell me a favorite memory of your school days.

It can be anything.

A favorite teacher...
A favorite subject...
A favorite science fair project~that's for my sisters :)
Favorite school lunch...
The most important lesson you learned...
as long as it's about school.

The first twenty people to comment will receive an extra entry.

C'mon, tell your friends to stop by for a visit.

And to say hello.

As always,
Followers-one extra entry
Copy my button to your blog-another extra entry
Blog or facebook about this giveaway-another extra entry

That's five possible entries.

Entries will be accepted until Monday, May 24th at midnight MST.

A winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Tuesday!

Good luck.

And if you've won before, that's ok.

Enter again!


  1. Favorite subject would have had to be AP Chenmistry, believe it or not! I
    had the best teacher, he made learning chemical equations actually fun:)
    Happy Wednesday, Kim!!

  2. Happy Wednesday!! I teach first grade, so my favorite school story is actually about a lesson I taught. I was teaching a lesson on time and clocks and I asked my kids, "Does anyone know what a 'quarter past' means?" One little boy raised his hand, oooing and ahhing, waving it through the air. "Do you know?" I asked him. "Yes ma'am!" he replied while jumping to his feet. Pretending like he had a football throwing it down the field he nearly screamed, "IT'S WHEN THE QUARTER BACK GETS THE BALL, RUNS BACKWARDS, AND THEN THROWS IT LIKE THIS!!!" All I could say, was "yes, baby. You're exactly right! But did you know a clock also has a 'quarter past?' HILARIOUS!!

  3. Loved my psychology classes in college. Always wanted to hang my own sign up but never completed the degree in that...yet! Just the usual boring business one. Thanks for the creative gift ideas for grads and teachers! I hope they do inspire and make them believers too.
    Congrats to your daughter as she graduates!

  4. My favorite memory from my school days is meeting my husband! We met our sophomore year and have now been together 11 years and married for almost 3. I hope I win... I love your blog!

  5. Love them - Girl, you're good!! ;)

    My favorite school memory is being drum major in high school. We'd play "kick tunes" during the football games, and I just love the songs that "drive" - made my job that much easier!

    You know I'm following and have your blog button! ;)

  6. My favorite memory from my school days was being in class with "Mr. Comer" for Alg I and II and realizing I wanted to be a math teacher! Everyone hated this teacher, but I loved him! And yes, I am now a math teacher :)

  7. PS- I'm a follower, I have your button, and I 'facebooked' about your giveaway!! :)

  8. My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher..Mrs. Hunt! She wore fake nails and I loved them. So pretty!!

    I'm a follower!!

  9. Ok... one of my favorite school memories is when I started the BIG food fight in Jr High... it started out as a little marker fight but then...
    Got caught.
    Went to see the principal.
    Got sent home.
    It's probably not a great one to be bragging about but I was SO MUCH FUN!! And I was the quite wall flower - which made it even better!

    I am (as you know) a follower, AND I have posted about your giveaway on FB. :)

  10. Oh, I remember giggling with my best friend in 3rd grade and laughing until we cried...about what I don't remember now. So carefree and fun and innocent. :) Now it's fun to see my girls doing the same.

    I have your button on my blog and now follow you in google reader. So glad to have found you - you are so talented!

  11. I remember the science fair in 4th or 5th grade and I did it on wheat. Mom had baked everything under the sun that had to do with wheat in every shape and size. My display was by far the largest. We always had the biggest and the best thanks to did she always have the energy to do that with six kids? I will never know.... :)

  12. Favorite school memory is meetimg my future husband! Boy, do I love him.

  13. We, too, have a graduate. During her high school years, she has been molded to a young woman full of great potential and dreams. We loved those extra curricular activities where she learned to serve and love others. What great qualities - in a world going in the other directions. Thanks to those teachers and counselors who care what this generation becomes.

  14. Every memory with my best friend Lindsey is my favorite. Garth Brooks Day, senior memoirs, Mr. Brunzell's class, costumes at stake dances, our made up band...The List is long!