Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wildflower {wednesday}

Wednes·day (wenz; occas., -) noun--the fourth day of the week

Now if that's not reason to celebrate,
I don't know what is :)

You know, with the end of the school year
just a couple days away...

and the whole
(all thirteen weeks)
just around the corner.

So to celebrate this very special Wednesday,
I'm offering a $25 dollar gift certificate to my store.
Good towards any purchase...

to be entered in my wildflower {wednesday} giveaway.

Leave me a comment.

Tell me your favorite anything about summer.

The first twenty people to comment will receive an extra entry.

C'mon, tell your friends to stop by for a visit.

And to say hello.

As always,
Followers-one extra entry
Copy my button to your blog-another extra entry
Blog or facebook about this giveaway-another extra entry

That's five possible entries.

Entries will be accepted until Monday, May 31st at midnight MST.

A winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Tuesday!

Good luck.

And if you've won before, that's ok.

Enter again!

Also, because many of you have asked,
the following items have been added to my store
and are now available for purchase.

As a side note,
thank you kindly for looking past
the varying colors of wheat
in these side by side pictures.

Yes, it bothers me...

a lot ;)

photo editor,
here I come...

an exciting announcement very soon.
I promise.


  1. My favorite thing about Summer??? Just one? I can't narrow it down, so here's a few: Having my kids home with me, no socks to match because we're all barefoot, a laundry room that's not overflowing with coats, lazy days of reading books out loud outside in the grass with the kiddos. :)

    I follow you in google reader and your button is on my blog.

  2. My favorite thing about summer is the lack of scheduling. I love a schedule but not too rigid like the school year! I am looking forward to enjoying my family, each and every moment! Love your blog!


  3. Oh, Kim!! What a great give-away! My favorite thing about summer is a more relaxed schedule! I love having the freedom to spend more time with my kids doing the simple things.

    I follow you (oh, so closely - call me a stalker!) and happily display your button! I think I'm your biggest fan, but I know everyone who's seen your shop loves you, too!!

  4. Oh gracious I love this stuff!! Hmmmm, my favorite part about summer? Chillin with kiddos and eating mounds and mounds of processed cheese in the form of nachos at their baseball games. Yep. Processed cheese. That's my summer. Your creations are gorgeous! Keep it up!! :)

  5. The thing I love most about summer is that I get to come home (I go to school in a different state) and spend time with my family going on adventures and creating many memories :)

    p.s. I'm a follower and your button is in my blog!

  6. Chillin' with my kids by the pool!!

  7. Summer Fav is making my kiddos fruit slushies to drink while we swim in the pool! Bring on the sunshine!

  8. Nothing better than worn out kids that like to cuddle at the end of a long day of PLAYING AND SWIMMING!!!

  9. My favorite thing about summer is (going to be) hanging out at my parent's new swimming pool!! I have asked for over 20 years for a swimming pool. I finally have a baby who at 6 months started taking swimming lessons and LOVES it, so my parents decide to put in a pool! Oh, the power of grandchildren!! :) LOVE your stuff! (I am a follower, have your button, and have "facebooked" about the giveaway!)

  10. My favorite thing about summer is shooting weddings!!! I'm in my first year of doing photography full time and there is nothing better than capturing an amazing out door wedding in Idaho! :)

  11. My favorite thing about the summer is flip flops and water-whether it's a pool or the doesn't matter!

  12. I'm a follower!-of your blog and facebook!

  13. My favorite thing about summer, hmmmmmm camping with hubby and kiddos and of course making a road trip for yummy gelato or enjoying icecream at the pier on a warm day with the cool ocean breeze upon you!

  14. Is there really anything good about summer??? Brain-baking temperatures, kids home and picking at each other ceaselessly....
    Wait, maybe I can think of something....air-conditioning! Yeah, that's good. And ice water. OK, maybe there are a couple of things that are OK about summer.

  15. Posting for a friend :) ~k

    Oh Kim, what beautiful jewelry!
    Summer times means sleeping in and staying up late, family barbecues, just being lazy...Oh, and this summer counting down the days until son comes home!!

  16. YAY! I am so excited to enter this one. :)
    My favorite thing about summer is...sticky kisses from little munchkins who have eaten too many popsicles!
    I am also posting this on my facebook.
    I think I am in the top 20.

  17. My favorite thing about summer are the flowers, trees, etc. What a beautiful world we live in! And I love it best when it's my yard starting to look like all of my neighbors' yards. Someday, maybe?

  18. My favorite things about summer are.. Sleeping in past 6 am!!! No learning plans to sign, family outings, hanging out with neighbors, and the good old slip & slide & yes, I use it too!

    I am a follower - I even follow you to school & church! haha!

    I am also posting this on my facebook page.

    Top 20? I sure hope so!!! :)

  19. Summer reminds me of childhood... Neighborhood friends, playing hid and seek in the cemetery, flying kites and playing in the field at the end of our dead end street. We were always outside and playing sports. Love your jewelry. Thanks to your friend Vicki for pointing it out.

  20. Yay, just in time...the 20th comment :)

    My favorite thing about the summer is that I can stay home with my kids! (I am a teacher.)

    I am also a follower, Your button is on my blog, and I have shared this on facebook :)

  21. What I love about summer is walking through spring to get there! :)

    I posted on FB
    I am a follower

    Thank you!


  22. My favorite thing about Summer is getting a dose of Vitimin d and not from a bottle. I love the sunshine! Kathy

  23. Today I sat on the dock and watched my daughter swimming next to my son. And I wondered about how her life was a year ago today when she was still in China. The sunlight danced through her hair and she smiled. I think this summer will be one of the most memorable ever.

  24. The joy in my kids voices as they laugh carefree while twirling until they are so dizzy they fall into the grass and gaze at the clouds as they spin by...dirty bare feet,sunkissed skin,the constant pleading "can we go to the pool now" it's all my kiddos being home!

  25. I just became a follower...
    I love your designs...
    One of my favorite things about summer is watching the fireflies light up in the summer evenings.... They just never loose their wonder with me...

  26. I love just being outside with my children, it could be hanging out by the pool or swinging, or coloring with sidewalk chalk.

  27. Love this giveaway! Please enter me, I'm new here! I'm gonna become a follower too! My favorite summer memory---walking into civil affairs last summer to get my about to turn 14yr old daughter. Love watching my kids play in the water in the summer!

  28. What I love about summer is hanging my laundry out on the line to dry and this summer I get to watch my two year old run under the sheets! I love being a mom and can't wait to make lots of amazing summer memories!
    I love your creativity and new pieces!

    PS ~ I am also a follower and have your button on my blog!

  29. Vacations! Time to build memories. Because we all remember the family vacations we took as children.