Sunday, April 11, 2010

an {introduction}

Welcome to Wheat and Wildflowers
{the blog}

a note about how it all began~

In September 2008, our sweet daughter, Sophie, joined our family through the blessing and miracle of adoption. She is our baby. Or if you asked her, our "mei mei". We adore her. All of us do. It's really as simple as that. Our journey to her was long. Maybe even longer than most. One that began seventeen years before we actually held her in our arms. The path of adoption seemingly, and often unknowingly, grew in our hearts over those many, many years. Today, I can look back and so clearly see how pieces have come together. And how questions have been answered. It's a story I love. And one that I know only a loving Father in Heaven could orchestrate. It's a beautiful journey that has left me forever changed. And I'm so glad that it has.

Over the past few years, I have been humbled and amazed as I have witnessed many women reach out to those in need...determined to make a difference in the lives of orphans. I have realized that even when individual contributions may appear small or insignificant, when many come together, wonderful things happen. Wheat and Wildflowers grew out of a desire to do my part. To give what I can to help those in need. Even if only in a very small way.

Months ago, as I was deciding on a business name, I was reminded of a talk I had recently heard during a meeting at church. The speaker, David A. Bednar, said the following:

"In my office is a beautiful painting of a wheat field. The painting is a vast collection of individual brushstrokes--none of which in isolation is very interesting or impressive. In fact, if you stand close to the canvas, all you can see is a mass of seemingly unrelated and unattractive streaks of yellow and gold and brown paint. However, as you gradually move away from the canvas, all of the individual brushstrokes combine together and produce a magnificent landscape of a wheat field. Many ordinary, individual brushstrokes work together to create a captivating and beautiful painting."

This passage spoke to my heart. It said what I was feeling, and I knew that somehow I would incorporate this image into the name of my business. I also love that in the scriptures, wheat is often used figuratively to represent followers of Christ. It is what I strive to be. What I try to do. Even though I stumble my way along. A lot.

I have always loved wildflowers. They are a gift of nature and given to everyone. And with the hundreds or maybe even thousands of different varieties, each is unusual and beautiful in its own way. Wildflowers sometimes grow together in big fields and other times are found growing alone. But whatever their circumstances, they color our world in their own unique way. They are here for us to enjoy. They make us happy. And to me, wildflowers represent the sweet moments with those we love that bring beauty, joy and meaning to our lives.

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  1. Your have such a gift with words, Kim!

    I'm so excited about your new venture!

  2. Kim-
    what a beautiful sight and gorgeous jewlery! I love the photography on your site too!
    love your sis Kristen

  3. Kim:

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT...can't wait to order...What a beautiful website and blog. Can't wait to share it with my girls!

  4. Kim, your jewelry is so amazing! I love how they are so unique and beautiful :)

  5. found your blog through Etsy it Up! We will be starting the adoption process soon so you, your blog, and your incredible store, are just great sources of encouragement!