Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wildflower {wednesday}

If you've had a minute to look around a bit, you may have read my "about" link and how Wheat and {Wildflowers} came to be.

With all of that, I wanted to create a place that would be fun,
uplifting and a blessing to others.

A place that would remind all of us what's important.

And what matters most.

I think most of us would agree that happiness is found in the little things.

A good ol' laugh with a friend.

A sleeping child...really, is there anything sweeter?

Receiving a unsolicited and spontaneous love from your baby.

You know what I'm talking about...

The simple things that really make us stop for a moment...

And realize that it's all worth it.

Slowing down long enough to recognize our blessings.

And to be grateful for them.

Wildflower {Wednesday} is a chance to share.

Nothing big. Just a little something.

Something you are grateful for...

Something that made you smile...

Something that made you laugh...

Or even squeal with joy...

Because, in the end, that's really what matters.

And of course a chance to win something is always nice too :)

So, leave me a comment telling me something that made you stop and smile or even made you laugh out loud this week. If you do, you'll be entered in a drawing for my {wildflower wednesday} necklace.

Entries will be accepted until Monday, April 19th at midnight MST. One winner will be randomly selected and announced on Tuesday.

Something that makes ME smile every. single. day is picking Sophie up from school. As she makes her way to the curb with her teacher, I see her scanning the line of waiting cars and minivans. When she see me, the biggest smile spreads across her face, and in her excitement, she starts JUMPING up and down and up and down. The whole time shouting MOM, MOM, MOM! And you know what? She doesn't stop until my car comes to the front of the line and it's her turn to get in.

Wow. I love being her mom.

And, to answer your question.


My boys are not nearly as excited to see me pull up in the carpool line ;)

What's your wildflower this week?


  1. I can't believe the boys aren't jumping up and down, too! ROFL....
    Something that made me smile this week was thinking of June 22 and Marc coming home. :)

  2. Something that made me smile this week was when I overheard Eli and Sadie playing "family" with their stuffed animals ("their kids") and Eli said, "Sadie, Cocoa and Pinky Pie are adopted, but we are all a family!" ;)

  3. Our family is in the middle of family health problems and car issues too! Stressful! This monring, my seven daughter with the biggest smile ever went out the door and yelled TOODLES and gave me the royalty wave. Off to school she went leaving me with a big smile!

    I LOVE YOUR WORK! Good luck with your adventures!

  4. Something so small yet so big made me smile... Brooklynn came up to me and said "Potty", then ran to the potty and pulled off her diaper and sat on the potty and went both! WOW. Now I can get used to this:)

  5. I enjoyed watching my little ones play so much :)
    They were each in just a diaper, one wearing my high heels, and one with a baby doll in one arm and my diaper bag/ purse on the other.
    I usually hate when kids are wearing only a diaper, but this was so cute! I wish so much I had gotten a photo - it has made me smile each time I think of it:)
    Sara :)

  6. I am most grateful for my family and friends. After a year with health scares amongst us, today we are all healthy.

    Love your jewelery!!

  7. HI Kim!
    Love your jewelery and photos!

    My daughter who's 4 today was riding w/ me in the car and I was listening to a rock radio station called The Hawk, they make a sound like a hawk squawking between songs and I don't even hear it anymore. Well my daughter did and says "I hear a hockey eagle!" I didn't get it at first then realized she meant a hawk/eagle! I just had to chuckle at her observation, she doesn't miss much and is always making us laugh, what a blessing.

  8. Posted by me for Lisa,

    I would like to enter your drawing. My Wildflower Wednesday moment was
    when my daughter (bio) and I were following my husband's car and our son,
    Dylan, was turned around waving and making silly faces at us as we drove
    behind. It was a silly moment but it went straight to my heart, because here
    is a happy little guy, in his new baseball uniform, without a care in the world,
    being every 7 yr. old boy should be! We love him so much!


  9. Just found your site a few days ago through Ni Hao Y'all and have completely fallen in love with your work- what gorgeous and awesome necklaces!
    This evening my older sister and two little sisters, Sarah and Chayah (ages 5 and 7), decided to have a sister-fun night. We spent the afternoon and evening playing game after game, making chocolate chip cookies (and of course, enjoying them after they were done), and decorating t-shirts with glittery fabric paints. I was worried before hand that the paint would go everywhere and make a big mess, but once they started working on their shirts, seeing their smiles, and yes, their paint covered little hands, I just couldn't help but smile too. They were happy and so was I. The mess doesn't matter, just that we all had a great time and made an awesome memory of today. :)

  10. Kim, you know I'm following (closely!!) ;)

  11. I also have your button, scrolling on my sidebar!! ;)

  12. Hearing my son call me "mama" makes my heart smile! I love him with all of my heart and am so grateful each and every day that he has joined our family!

  13. I love your star design! Sign me up for your drawing!

  14. HI! Just got my neaklace and love it but sad I can't wear it until Mother's Day.

    I added your button to my blog and became a follower of yours.

    What made me smile today was my daughter telling me "I love you" and giving me a huge wet kiss right on the lips. We adopted her from China
    2-1-10 and is 2yrs old. We love her so!!

  15. love your style of jewelry.

    my smile moments are when my 3 & 6 year old come downstairs dressed in their tutu's and disney princess dress up with their magic wands, fancy shoes and ask "how do I look, Mom?"

    became a follwer and blogged about you and grabbed your button.