Saturday, April 24, 2010

my {saturday}

A peek at what my Saturday looked like.

It was a day of service.

Quilts that needed piecing...

Blankets and burp rags to be crocheted...

Cards to be made...

And more quilts. But this one, a little different.

A Hundred Good Wishes Quilt of sorts.
But with a twist.

The pieces of this quilt represent each of the women from church...
accompanied by a favorite scripture or verse that has brought comfort or strength.

A way to unite.

And more be tied.

Fun journals to be made...

And even more be bound.

P.J.'s to be sewn...

And of course, what little girl doesn't love a new bow for her hair?

All to be donated to a new, local children's hospital.


what can be accomplished when a few hundred women come...

with a few hours to spare...

and a heart to serve.

It was a blessing just to be there.

And we even had lunch ;)

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